Dr. Alan Diehl

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Air Safety Investigators: Using Science to Save Lives—One Crash at a Time

Air Safety Investigators explains how aviation crashes are investigated and what goes on behind the scenes to improve safety. It is an insider’s account of how events actually unfolded in the organizations responsible for protecting everyone who flies.

Dr. Diehl witnessed and helped affect many vital developments in aviation safety. Federal officials hired him to avert an anticipated bloodbath from airline deregulation. This book describes how an elite group of dedicated investigators solved some of the most baffling crashes to prevent tragedy from striking again. Diehl's accomplishments included launching Crew Resource Management training, which drastically reduced accidents.

Our government repeatedly gave him critical assignments such as going undercover to determine what caused a mysterious Soviet crash that killed an African president. He was later assigned to train Air Force One crews to prevent similar problems.

This maverick scientist also battled the bureaucracy to save lives. But when he exposed lies to Congress, officials used the sky marshals to harass him. They then ignored his other programs, causing countless unnecessary deaths including that of JFK Jr. He was eventually fired for blowing the whistle on the Pentagon's cover-up of the worst fratricide since Vietnam. Congress and other important organizations, however, continued to seek his advice on civil and military aviation problems.