Dr. Alan Diehl

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What the experts are saying about Alan Diehl and This Book:


“The definitive description of how investigators discover why accidents occur — vividly told by a renowned scientist. A must read for anyone wanting to understand the subject.”

— Capt. John Nance, J.D., aviation analyst, ABC News

“A courageous exposé! Diehl succinctly explains complex issues from the prospective of an expert whose own work has significantly improved aviation safety.”

— Capt. Pat Veillette, Ph.D., editorial team member Aviation Week & Space Technology

“An excellent description of the challenges involved in understanding and preventing crashes by a psychologist who made extraordinary contributions to the field.”

— Dr. Dick Jensen, Ph.D., editor of the International Journal of Aviation Psychology

“Diehl provided major improvements in the NTSB’s procedures for investigating “human error” and drafted recommendations that have dramatically reduced aviation accidents.”

— Mr. Jim Danaher, former director, Bureau of Technology, NTSB Headquarters

“He blew the whistle when the FAA misled Congress on child safety seat effectiveness — just one of his many courageous acts to protect all those who fly.”

— Dr. William Shepherd, Ph.D., former chief, Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences Division, FAA Headquarters

“An excellent and informative read! Written by a top authority in the field, this book thoroughly explains how accident investigations should be conducted, and why the public does not always get the entire story.”

— Capt. M. P. “Pappy” Papadakis, J.D., co-author of Aircraft Accident Reconstruction and Litigation

“Diehl’s efforts saved countless lives, but some officials resented his exposing embarrassing problems. This landmark book describes the tragic consequences of ignoring his advice.”

— Col. Dave Porterfield, D.O., former senior flight surgeon, USAF Inspection and Safety Center